Hinini Farms Goat Milk Bath Soap Hinini Farms Goat Milk Bath Soap

Isaiah 6:8

I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who shall go for Us?" And I said, "Hineni (Here I am!) Send me!"


Hineni Farms started almost 10 years ago from a desire to purchase raw land. That desire has now become a goat dairy farm.

Neither of us ever dreamed we would be goat lovers, but today we couldn’t imagine our lives without our little herd. One thing we have learned over the years, is that goat milk is extremely healthy for the inside of the body as well as the outside. We not only drink it but we use it to make cheese, butter and yogurt. One of the best ways we have found to use our milk is making homemade goat milk soap, which you can purchase on this website by clicking on the store tab above.

Hineni is a Hebrew word that means, "Here I am" and you pronounce it hee-nay-nee. It comes from Isaiah 6:8 which says, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who shall go for Us?" And I said, "Hineni (Here I am!) Send me!" 

So we say to our G-d, the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac and the G-d of Jacob, "Hineni! use us in Your service for Your glory!

We are a home based business located in Antlers, Oklahoma. We love what we do here on Hineni Farms. Everyday we awaken to the sounds of G-d's creation and tend to His handiwork. It brings us great joy and pleasure.

Goats are very loving animals. They are extremely dependent on their herdsman or herdess. Sometimes I think that they are more loving and more excited to see us than our dogs. They will even smile at you. Yes smile! When Miss Mindy got attacked (read her story above) we became very close and now many times when I go out to tend to the herd she will greet me with a big smile. She has even taught Saphira to smile.

We hope you enjoy this site and come to love our goats as much as we do (visit the “Our Farm” tab at the top). We hope you love our goat milk soap (you can visit the "About our Goat Milk Soap" page to learn more).  It is made with love and care for our customers and out of love and respect for our goats.

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