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Isaiah 6:8

I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who shall go for Us?" And I said, "Hineni (Here I am!) Send me!"

Miss Mindy's Story

Miss MindyMiss Mindy is a sweetheart. She is always so loving and affectionate, ready to please and make you happy. She is a beautiful Alpine Nubian nanny goat that stole my heart the first time I laid eyes on her.

Miss Mindy was born Feb. 5, 2007. Her mama’s name was Monica and her daddy’s name was Starbuck. She is black with white patches on both her sides and legs.

I bought Miss Mindy in March of 2010. She had a kid (a little buck) and I named him Laban. His daddy was a full blood Saanen. Laban was all white just like his daddy.    

When I started milking Miss Mindy, I had never milked a goat before.  Actually, I had never milked anything so I was clueless. I thought, like many people, that it’s just a matter of grabbing on and pulling, then squeezing. But that is not so. It is kind of hard to do and takes a whole lot of practice. But as time went on I got very good at it and Miss Mindy and I grew very close.

The milk tasted delicious and became an everyday part of our diet. Then I started learning how to make cheese. The more I milked Miss Mindy, twice a day, the closer we became. A bond formed between us that nothing could break. My husband enjoyed milking her too but mostly he loved drinking the milk and eating the cheese. His favorite is the homemade butter.

I had bought another doe at the same time that I had bought Miss Mindy and Laban. Her name is Saphira. Saphira and Mindy have grown up all their lives together, born just a few months apart.
Laban grew into a handsome billy goat. At 7 months old I bred him to Saphira. Saphira gave birth to two perfect little bucks.

At the time that I bought my goats, we were living in Cushing, OK. In Dec of 2010 we were going to move to our farm in SE Okla. when that dreaded day happened!

Two days before we were to move all the animals and ourselves to Hineni Farms, Miss Mindy was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull dog. I was packing up the RV and on one of my trips in and out of the house I could hear her bleating. Not a normal bleat but a frantic bleat. I ran to her as fast as I could and when I got there I saw that pit bull swinging her around by her face, his mouth wrapped around Miss Mindy’s beautiful nose.

I panicked. I began screaming and throwing my arms up in the air like a wild woman. Hollering at the top of my lungs at the dog to let her go! The gate was locked and I hadn’t brought my keys with me. It didn’t seem to matter though because I was so crazy- acting that I scared that pit bull half to death and he ran off.

The damage was done. I stuck my arms out to her through the gate. She took 2 or 3 steps to me and collapsed in my arms. The neighbor ran out and I had her stay there with Miss Mindy while I ran back to the house to get my keys so I could open the gate.

I called the vet and waited. Miss Mindy was lying in my lap and bleeding all over me.

The vet got there as soon as he could and immediately went to work on Miss Mindy. He is a great vet who sincerely loves caring for animals. He lay on his belly in that pasture for 2 hours sewing her up. The dog had chewed up both her front legs pretty bad, took a chunk out of her side, bit off part of one ear and tore off part of her nose. Miss Mindy was in bad shape!

When the vet was finished, I had to almost carry her to their pen. Saphira was in the corner of the pasture and had been watching the whole attack. She was pregnant with Laban’s kids and was scared to death.

We left that place 2 days later and moved to Hineni Farms. It was a long hard winter that year and Miss Mindy being down made it even harder.

She survived that attack. With lots of love and therapy she is living a good life now. I will never get to breed her again or milk her but the main thing is that she is alive!

She had to learn how to walk all over again. Even though she is a little crippled in one leg, she lives a happy and healthy life here on Hineni.

G-d was good to us and He taught us a lot through her healing. I have no doubt in my mind that He healed her. The vet was sure she wouldn’t make it but that is not the plan that the Creator had for her.

I am thankful to our G-d for His loving compassion that He has for all of His creatures whether it be human or beast.  He loves all that He creates.

One of the things I learned through all of this was to trust G-d with my life and with my animals. It doesn’t matter if I’m there. Things may happen that are out of my control.  We all need G-d’s protection. So today when I pray I ask G-d to protect me, my husband, our children and grandchildren and to please watch over and protect my animals. I can be the goat’s shepherd but we need the Great Shepherd to watch over us all.

Thank you Lord for saving Miss Mindy!!!

Miss Mindy 2-19-12