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Oaty Essence (Oatmeal)

Oaty Essence (Oatmeal)
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Our "Oaty Essence" oatmeal goat milk soap is such a great soap for any skin condition. We have found that it is particurly great for people who suffer with eczema and severe dry skin. Because of this, and because it is just a wonderful everyday soap for all skin types, we have made it in this big bar to be used in the shower or at the sink.

I really like the "Oaty Essence" by my bathroom sink because it is my favorite to use on my face. Because it is such a moisturizing soap I don't have to use any extra lotions on my face after I wash.  Also, I love to save my legs with the "Oaty Essence". The goat milk and oatmeal together is so moisturizing for the skin, I can shave my legs and not apply lotion afterward. There is no razor burn or anything, just smooth soft legs. I like the fact that I am able to cut out allot of the lotions because I find them to be pore clogging.

Because there are so many different skin types,enviromental issues and climates my results may not be your results. But whatever your skin type or condition I know you will love this soap.

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